Heating Services

Winter in Colorado is the time of year when you definitely can’t chance it with your heating. With our cold days, snow storms, and overall unpredictable weather, imagine having a furnace malfunction or give out in the dead of winter when it’s extremely uncomfortable—sometimes dangerous—to be without heat. In some cases, not having effective heat can cause extreme damage to your home and your wellbeing, creating problems like frozen pipes, structural damage, and skyrocketing heating bills.

Needless to say, the heating system you have in your home is extremely important, and you don’t want just anyone to install, repair, or maintain your heating system. There are many poorly-trained technicians out there who adapt sloppy habits or install low quality furnaces in order to try to go for “low cost,” all the while stealing your hard-earned money.

When thinking through heating, you need to consider if a company is truly knowledgeable at what they do and have a reputation to back up their company. Eagle Heating & Air Conditioning has been working hard to earn the trust of Colorado Springs since 1980, so we are deeply entrenched in the very fabric of the community with a consistent track record of successful projects, excellent repairs, and good customer service.

We’re always up-to-date on our licenses and insurance, and we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We’ve been using Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems as our go-to products for years, and they have an amazing track record of over 100 years of high quality experience.

Reach out to use with any questions, and we’ll be happy to take some time to help!

Furnace Installation

For experienced professionals who can install a heater that works flawlessly to heat every inch of your home for maximum comfort in the winter, look no further than Eagle Heating & Cooling! We will make sure that your heater is installed properly to ensure safety and comfort for everyone in your home.

Furnace Repair

If you have noticed anything odd about the heating in your home, it’s better to call and get something repaired than wait and have the issue cost more money down the road. We can check out your heating system and make sure that whatever is wrong can get fixed in a timely manner, and we service all makes and models.

Furnace Maintenance

It’s usually better to do regularly scheduled maintenance for your heating system so that huge repairs or unexpected breaks are usually avoided. Eagle Heating & Cooling can check up on your furnace to make sure that things are running smoothly so that you can have peace of mind.