Why Annual Furnace Maintenance is Important

Furnace Maintenance Services Colorado SpringsEach year as the weather gets cooler in Colorado Springs and there are not enough blankets or warm socks to keep you cozy, you turn to the furnace.

The first time you kick on the furnace in your Colorado Springs home you are hoping it doesn’t make a loud clanking noise or fail to push out warm air all together. But, HOORAY! The furnace begins circulating comforting air that warms you to the bones.

Not all furnaces perform as diligently though. In some cases, in the dead of winter, furnaces malfunction causing you to flee to the in-laws or figure out alternative heating solutions until the issue gets resolved. You quickly turn to Google to find an expert in Colorado Springs who can accommodate a fast fix so you and your family can be warm once again.

Eagle Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving our Colorado communities for over 45 years. We believe annual furnace maintenance is necessary, not only because this is what we do every day, but because we care about keep your family or employees remaining comfortable all year long.

So, what is really going on with your furnace? Even if your furnace appears to be working smoothly, there may be undetectable issues occurring. These undetectable issues are precisely why annual maintenance is essential, and here’s why:

Reduces Repairs

Annual furnace maintenance helps to ensure that repairs or unexpected breakdowns are avoided. A furnace tune-up not only cleans your furnace to help run it efficiently, but it can also identify small problems that could be happening with your furnace before they turn into costly repairs.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Scheduling annual furnace maintenance cleans out the system and ensures safe operation all winter long. With an optimally functioning furnace, the energy efficiency aspects of your furnace can operate flawlessly.

Maintains Manufacturer’s Warranty

If your furnace is under a manufacturer’s warranty, annual furnace maintenance is a must. Most manufacturer’s designate that their warranty will cease if the furnace is not regularly maintained. Satisfy the requirements of your manufacturer warranty with annual maintenance performed by Eagle Heating.

Ensures Proper Airflow

With our 18-point furnace inspection, we ensure your heating system is receiving proper airflow. Restricted or limited airflow in your air ducts can cause strain to your furnace leading to increased repairs and a shortened lifespan.

Keep your family safe and don’t wait to schedule your annual furnace maintenance tune-up. Eagle Heating offers a $95 tune-up and discounts on parts for all veteran’s and military personnel. With our 18-point annual inspection you can ensure your furnace is performing at peak levels all winter long. Contact us today to schedule!


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