A Happy Home: Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

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A Happy Home: Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

If our homes are sanctuaries and safe spaces, they must be comfortable and cozy. In the winter, that comfort involves your home being warm as soon as you walk in. In addition to a warm home being a happier home, a warm home is essential for optimal health. Not only can breathing cold air increase your risk of chest infections, but it also thickens the blood and increases an individual’s risk of higher blood pressure. Keeping a home warm is also necessary for keeping different aspects functional. For example, there is an added risk that pipes will burst if a home is too cold.

Keep reading to discover five ways to make your home happy by keeping it warm.

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Many homes are unoccupied during the day. That means that keeping the heat set at a temperature suitable for residents is wasted when no one is there. Programmable thermostats allow users to select those times in advance and warm the home when everyone returns.

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2. Invest in Good Window Coverings

Window coverings are more than simple curtains or blinds. Today, they are produced using different fabrics and weights that work to keep homes warm, especially when windows may be drafty.

Some great window coverings are:

Cellular shades
Plantation shutters
Solar blinds

3. Improve Attic Insulation

Although some homes have functional attics that are part of the living space of a home, attics were designed to help control the house’s temperature by allowing for a large mass of slow-moving air. However, when the attic is not insulated, hot air goes up and stays there or escapes, leaving the rest of your house cold.

4. Install Window Film

Window film is a thin film put over the interior or exterior of the glass in your home to keep the cold out. Window film is purchased over the counter in a hardware or home goods store. It is one of the least expensive ways to help keep your home warm in the winter.

Applying window film is straightforward, and homeowners don’t need a professional to install it.

5. Move Furniture Away From Vents and Radiators

It is not enough to hear the heater click on and off; you need to ensure that warm air is blowing from the vent or that the radiator is warming properly. However, if you have them blocked by furniture, you are missing out on the benefits of the heat.

The heat from a radiator or vent can cause certain furniture fabrics to get damp from the heat. The impact of that furniture getting wet and drying over and over is mold and mildew forming. Those breathing in that moldy air and mildew risk more infections or breathing problems.

As you can see, keeping your house warm in the winter is essential for maintaining a happy home. If you need additional help, reach out to us at Eagle Heating and Air Conditioning.

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