February 2023

Featured Story / Testimonial

Kayla (and Mark),

Here’s a story that you probably don’t want to read but I feel it’s important.

My Rheem furnace went on the blink on a Monday in mid-December with a brutal week of cold weather approaching.  I phoned Olson (and told them I have no heat, am 77 years old.  Olson offered to make a service call the following FRIDAY (btw at an enlarged service fee).

Within 3 hours I succeeded in scheduling Affordable P&H who arrived early Tuesday, fixed the furnace and advised me that the 21 year old furnace needed replacement.

The first estimator was Eagle heating: Philip did a very, very thorough job and provided a price of just over $5000 for a Bryant single stage (915S) furnace.

The day that they were scheduled the installers arrived over 2 hours late without a call so I delayed that installation with contact with Philip Moore and Eagle.

  1. The following heating contractors inspected the Rheem unit with the following results
  2. Affordable gave an off the cuff estimate but informed me they don’t send printed estimates.
  3. Jim Reeves spent an hour examining furnace and never returned an estimate.
  4. SoCo was very prompt and helpful with an estimate of over $10,000 (Daikin).
  5. Summit made a prompt and friendly visit for Bryant (926)furnace but gave what appeared to be an off the cuff estimate of $6500 without a printed offer.  Also required 1/2 down.
  6. Olson P&H got back to me eventually, sent Mark out to estimate.  He is super nice, well-versed and helpful. However after nearly a week I phoned Olson and said “forget it……” too long.

My take is that Olson, since your relocation, has badly slipped in online reviews and in my experience.  Forever Olson has been the gold standard in town but even T-Rex was no match for the smaller, quicker competitors.

  1. BACK TO EAGLE HEATING.  Finally, yesterday, they installed my furnace. Although their installers are independents and don’t wear snazzy company unis or a fancy company truck……they did a fantastic, quick and reasonable installation.

Eagle was the first and most helpful company of all…..Philip Moore sweat bullets to get this designed and installed.

Thank you for your estimate (which I expected to be high. Hopefully things will get better at Olson).

John Cunningham