Save Money on Heating & Cooling Bills Without Sacrificing Comfort

Save Money on Heating and Cooling Bills

Is it possible to keep your home cool this summer season without incurring an arm and a leg? It certainly is. However, you must put in some effort.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling like you’re dwelling in a pressure cooker; therefore, you turn up the cooling system when it gets sweltering outside. In June-August, American families can anticipate shelling out $422, on energy expenses, according to the Energy Information Administration.

So, how will you keep your air conditioning costs low this summer? There are some methods to cut energy consumption, particularly by making your AC system work more efficiently, which will save you some money this summer. Use these tips to cut your AC expenses during the hot summer.

Use Ceiling Fans

Fans are much less expensive to operate than air conditioners and help you achieve a comfortable temperature in two ways. For starters, they provide a cool breeze. Second, fans aid in efficiently circling cold air throughout your rooms. The Department of Energy says you can increase the AC system temp 2.2 degrees Celsius without losing comfort when operating a ceiling fan alongside your cooling system.

Close The Curtains and Drapes

Keeping hot air out of your house is one method to keep it cool during the summer. Your windows could be letting in a lot of heat, making your air conditioner work harder. Reduce energy consumption by keeping curtains and draperies closed on all west and south-facing windows during the hottest hours of the day. Consider investing in light-blocking window coverings like shutters and shades if the sun is very bright.

Find and Seal Leaks

A draft house is an inefficient one. Cracks and openings in windows and doorways enable air to come and go as it pleases in and out of the house. While doorways and windows are the most apparent locations to look for leaks, your home’s basement, where masonry and siding meet, can also be a source of leakage.

Hiring a technician to conduct an energy assessment is the best way to inspect your house for leaks. These audits will examine your complete house and find any energy inefficiencies it may have.

Allow No Air to Exit Through the Fireplace

Your fireplace is a wonderful way to warm up, but it is also a perpetrator for allowing heated air to escape. Always shut your damper in between usage. The damper is the small vent that shuts and opens to the outside of your house in the flue of your chimney. It’s a one-way pass for hot air to exit, leaving you shivering between the fires.

Change Your Filters Regularly

Check your HVAC filters once a month, particularly during months of high usage (winter and summer). After a month, replace the filter if it appears dirty. Change the furnace filters at least every three months. Clogged furnace filters reduce air movement and force the system to operate harder to keep a comfortable temperature, wasting energy. A clear filter will also remove dust and dirt from the system, preventing costly maintenance and premature system failure.

Avoid Using the Stovetop and Oven

When the temperature outdoors soars, avoid using your oven or stove. These cooking gadgets raise interior temps, making a sweltering kitchen even hotter. On extremely hot days, crank up the barbecue outside or prepare meals in the microwave. Also, use your kitchen fan after cooking.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

An expert maintenance schedule for your air conditioner is a great way to reduce your energy costs. Spending money on electricity when your air conditioner isn’t blowing chilly air is the last issue you need. A well-maintained air conditioning system will work more efficiently and consume less energy to power. Additionally, you’ll save money because your air conditioner expert will find any small problems during regular maintenance and fix them before you need emergency HVAC repairs or even an air conditioner replacement.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Today’s smart and programmable thermostats make it easier to save electricity. With a programmed thermostat, you can select the desired temperature for the desired periods. A smart thermostat is also more convenient: it “learns” your habits and changes the air conditioning appropriately — and it can be modified via your smartphone. While you’re sleeping or away from home, there’s no need to turn the AC on high gear.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

In the summer, extra indoor dampness (above 40-50 % relative humidity) will leave you feeling sticky, sweaty, and unpleasant. A whole-house dehumidifier is an excellent option. It’s cheap to operate but enables you to turn up your AC a few degrees. Reduced humidity enhances interior air quality and inhibits the development of mildew, mold, and dust mites.

Upgrade to a Heat Pump

If you’re shopping for a new HVAC system, consider going with a heat pump. A heat pump is a cleaner, environmentally responsible method to heat or cool your house while saving electricity. Because heat pumps move heat rather than generate it, they need only a small quantity of fuel to provide the cooling or warmth you require. That translates to significantly cheaper air conditioning costs for you.

Is Your AC The Right Size?

Undersized air conditioning units will not be able to cool appropriately. But do you know an oversized air conditioner can be just as troublesome? When the AC is too large, it quickly cools your house before suddenly cycling off.

This constant on-off cycling lowers energy efficiency and reduces the lifetime of the device. It also stops your AC unit’s dehumidification function from activating, leaving your house uncomfortably muggy. When the time comes to replace your air conditioner, confer with a reputable expert, such as the Eagle Heating and Air Conditioning, to ensure that your new unit is properly sized.

You can save money on your monthly expenses without losing comfort if you know what to do. If none of these tactics work, you might have to have your cooling system inspected by an expert HVAC technician. We at Eagle Heating and Air Conditioning can help you cut costs. Schedule cooling and heating services with our experienced team immediately to save money and remain comfortable in the Colorado Springs region.

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