5 Ways to Improve Airflow in Your Home

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5 Ways to Improve Airflow in Your Home

If you have specific areas in your home where the air always seems stale, then there are at least five tips you will want to consider. Stale air can make a room seem very uncomfortable, even when it is the correct temperature.

1. Create Zoning

One of the most common problems is that homeowners close vents in rooms that they do not often use, such as guest bedrooms. While this seems logical, it makes the HVAC system work harder. Therefore, it cuts down on the airflow throughout the rest of the home. Instead, contact an HVAC specialist about creating zoning areas in your home. This will allow you to stop heating and cooling areas of your home that you do not use while still allowing good airflow through the rest of the house.

2. Install and Turn On Ceiling Fans

You should have ceiling fans in each room of your home. While ceiling fans will not change the temperature of a room, they will make it feel more comfortable because of the increased airflow. Be sure to change the direction that the ceiling fan turns as the seasons change to push the hot air down in the winter and pull it up in the summer.

3. Perform HVAC Maintenance

Just like you need to get the oil changed on your car regularly, HVAC systems require maintenance at least once a year. Helping your system perform effectively is a key to having good airflow in your home. Additionally, do not forget to change the air filters as directed when the system was installed.

4. Invest in an HVAC Air Exchanger or Ventilator

You have probably worked very hard to stop all the air leaks in your home. While this can be a big energy saver, it can also lead to your home feeling stuffy. An HVAC air exchanger works like a ventilator for your heating and cooling system. It brings in enough fresh air and pushes out enough stale air to keep your home comfortable. Consult with an HVAC specialist to see if adding additional ventilation to your home, which can be done by adding a unit to your current system or installing a stand-alone unit, can help your home experience better airflow.

5. Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Imagine that you are blowing up a balloon, and suddenly a rock or other object blocks the airflow into the balloon. You would have to blow much harder to get the air by the rock. The same principle applies when you have dirty air ducts. Therefore, make sure to get them cleaned at least annually. Taking this simple step may also improve your family’s health because mold and pollen like to get trapped in the ducts where they can make your family sick.

Choosing the right air conditioning and heating company is vital to getting the correct airflow in your home. Since 1973, Ted Moseley has been servicing the needs of Colorado homeowners with Eagle Heating and Cooling. Ted Moseley has built this company’s success on honesty, integrity, and respect. Call us today.

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